Welcome to Lower Photography & Studio also has an outside portrait park and is a full service studio discreatly hidden at the edge of a residentilal area on the the corner of West River Parkway and 9th Ave in Rochester, Minnesota. We are a Certified Professional Photographer, on staff, and do all of the following: Art (fine and Giclee), Aerial, Architecture, Baby, Business, Commercial, Copy, Event, Family, Group, HIgh School Seniors, Kids, Model, Passport, Pet, Portrait (all kinds), Restoration, Visa, Wedding (at our studio in outside portrait park).



We are Open by appointment ONLY. Please inquire by calling or by e-mail as listed below. We will get back to you as soon as possible. We want to serve YOU!


After 32 years at the same location we are making some changes in how we do business. We have moved out of our wonderful home studio into a lovely town home. Like most town homes and housing regulated by association rules, we cannot and will not do business at our town home location. Recently, we ran test cases with our business, going off-site (with our equipment) to a location mutually decided by us and our clients (home and businesses). And what we found as we pursued this NEW way of doing our business, is that most all of our clients like our coming to them (their locations - inside, outside, backyards, parks, or other public locations) to do what they want. After we’ve completed your session(s) and you’ve viewed and chosen what you want we start the job of finishing and enhancing your images (as in the past: first-in, first-out basis). When your images are ready, we will meet you your chosen location - your home or business, a public place, etc. with your finished images. We will stay in touch by phone or e-mail as needed. Even when an inside location is chosen, we use a very small area and will have all the space we need as we’ve upgraded from our bulky studio equipment and gone to much more efficient, less bulky portable equipment, including lights and backgrounds, etc..


Here is what we do! Inside or outside: We are a full service studio offering Architectural, Art, Baby, Business, Commercial, Copy, Executive, Events, Family, Fine Art, Finishing (even your images), Groups, High School Seniors (these students love having input on where to have their sessions), Kids, Models (always in need, just call), Passport (Visa, Green card), Pets, Portfolios, Portrait, Restoration, Retouching, and Weddings portraits.


Thanks so much and blessings, Howard Lower and Bev. Howard has earned the Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) designation by PPA, Professional Photographers of America.



We always want our clients happy and at peace with the process. Yet, my job is to stay current for our client’s sake and to do as they want, but better than expected!


Phone: 507-282-2534

Email: smile@lowerphotography.com

Web: http://www.lowerphotography.com


Yes we are:  Where Our Business is ... Making YOU Look Good.






We do it all .... Art, Aerial, Architecture, Baby, Business, Commercial, Copy, Event, Family, Group, High School Senior, Kids, Model, Passport, Pet, Portrait, Restoration, Visa, Wedding

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It starts with your phone call perhaps like the following 'real client'.






All of what we do is to make your experience positive in all ways. Sonja says: Sonja studio grey background"First, let me start by telling you that I am the most simple person I know. I don’t wear makeup, go shopping, wear dresses or high heels and most importantly – I am shy! ... see the rest of her testimonial HERE.





We want each person that needs a professional image to know that you can walk out of our business with an image of yourself for as little as sixty dollars or less if you have a time of need (We started this ministry many years ago when we got wind of a father with cancer and his daughter did not have money for senior pictures so we gladly helped the family out ... and there are others, too).


Otherwise, you create your own package without having to buy things you do not want thus you have the best package you can have as you create it. This insures you only purchase what you want.  You will also be happy with your payment plan (we  also take credit cards). Did we mention that most also get an additional 30% off print prices? We want everyone to know that we are here to support you regardless of your situation. Ask!


In addition we are a Kingdom Company that tithes a percentage of our profits to those in need.






Lower Photography & Studio is also: MedCityPhotoStudio.com & Goodimage.com

3509 9th Ave NW Rochester, MN 55901

www.lowerphotography.com or call 507-282-2534

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